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My Weekly Shopping Cart

POSTED BY Rosemary ON Jan 20th, 2012

Written By: Rosemary Seguin CNP, NNCP



This week, I was running low on all my wonderful, non toxic, chemical free, natural cleaning supplies. So don’t be alarmed when you see quite a few on my list this week, I promise you my house is not that dirty. The great thing is that they last for many months! So even though they can be a tad more expensive than the toxic, cancer causing, harshly scented varieties, it’s worth the extra few cents.


My Shopping Tip This Week: Always buy 100% Natural and Eco Friendly Cleaning Products – Or make your own! Did you know that the “chemical” cleaning products used in your home, office, school etc. are harmful to your health? The many different chemicals these products contain are linked to asthma, allergies, skin irritation, hyperactivity in children, nausea, headaches, birth defects and the list goes on.



Did you also know that the chemicals found in cleaning products are also found in the bloodstreams of newborn babies? Think about it, we inhale these cleaning products all day long. Even if you can’t see or particularly smell them, they are in the air, on our desk, in our clothes…you can’t escape them. They will get in to your blood steam and eventually can cause serious health-related problems.



Do your family a favour and make your home a healthy and safe place to live. The natural cleaners work just as good or better, in my opinion, and I’m a real stickler when it comes to having a squeaky clean and green home.       







My shopping cart this week:






Frozen Foods

Fresh Basil

Organic  Avocados

Organic Quinoa

Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon

Organic Eggs

Silver Hills – Sprouted Grain Bread

Vidalia Onions



Short grain brown rice

Beretta Whole Chickens

Pecorino Crotonese – Sheep Cheese


Sprouted grain burger buns

Organic Cauliflower


Annalisa Chick Peas

Yorkshire – Certified Organic Boneless Chicken Breasts

Raw Walnuts


Organic Granny Smith Apples



Ginger People

Ginger Chews

100% Beef – Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Top Sirloin Steaks

Organic Firm Tofu


Organic Kale



Sun Dried Tomatoes


Mike & Mikes Organic Pitted Prunes


Organic Swiss Chard

Organic Oranges


Brown rice Pasta


Stone Mill Bakery

Olive Baguettini


Organic Hot House Tomatoes

Organic Royal Gala Apples 3lb Bag (great for making apple sauce)

Neal Brothers

Organic Mild Salsa


Nature Clean

Dishwasher packs


Organic Lime Juicer


Native Organic 100% Arabica Ground Coffee


Earth Matters

Surface cleaner


Organic Lemons


White Vinegar – (great for cleaning the floors, counters, showers, sinks, etc.)


Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner






Borax Stain Remover






Nature Clean Laundry Detergent



Baby Arugula




Ecover All purpose cleaner



Happy Shopping!

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