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Truwhip, “Naturally” Delicious!

POSTED BY Rosemary ON Nov 30th, 2011


Creamy, light, fluffy and oh so soft and delicious. This all natural whipped topping is so good one spoonful will melt away all your worries!

Truwhip is by far the best whipped topping I’ve ever had. What’s even better is that it’s also made with 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients! No chemicals, preservatives or additives leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth. No high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, GMOs, trans fats or polysorbate 60! You know all the things you find in another popular brand of whipped topping like cool whip. Truwhip is also made with 70% organic ingredients and its gluten free.  What more could a girl ask for!? Or guy?

This product is new to The Garden Basket, so we just had to share with you all of its yummy goodness so you too can try it and love it.

Just in time for the holidays, Truwhip is a fantastic addition on top of berries, cakes, pies, ice cream, hot chocolate, coffee, and just eaten out of the tub with a spoon or your finger…but we won’t tell your guests you did that or that you double dipped!

Truwhip is a fantastic alternative for those that like the consistancy of cool whip but don't want all the chemical ingredients to go with it!

Let us know how much you love Truwhip too! We would love to hear all about your delicious experience.

Enjoy, I promise you it will keep you coming back for more. 



Truwhip Ingredients:

Water, organic tapioca syrup, expeller-pressed palm kernel oil, organic cane sugar, organic palm kernel oil, contains less than 2% of  each of the following: organic soy protein concentrate, sodium caseinate (milk protein), organic tapioca starch, natural flavours, organic soy lecithin, xanthan gum, guar gum. Contains milk and soy.

Check out this video comparing whipped toppings – it's a funny one!

One thought on “Truwhip, “Naturally” Delicious!

  1. It’s the best whipped topping I have ever had. Need to buy another tub!

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