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Tired all the time? Here are my top 10 energy boosting foods!

POSTED BY Rosemary ON Mar 21st, 2012

Written by: Rosemary Seguin CNP, NNCP

One of the most common complaints I hear people say is “I’m tired”. People just seem to be tried all the time. Is it because they are getting too little sleep every night? Perhaps, but there is usually another underlying reason causing the fatigue and it may be your diet! The foods you eat can either make you tired or give you the energy levels of a 4 year old!

So if you’re tired of being tired, it’s time you do something about it! I’m going to teach you how to maximize your energy levels by including delicious foods that will also boost your metabolism at the same time!

So what are the most important nutrients your body needs for bountiful energy levels…B vitamins! In my opinion these are the number one energy and metabolism boosting vitamins. Other important vitamins and minerals for energy are vitamin C, iron, zinc, CoQ10 and magnesium.

Let’s take a look at my top 10 energy boosting foods to maximize sustained energy levels and metabolism. (These are listed in no particular order).

1)      Oats (steal cut or rolled oats – the one’s that take at least 5-10 min. to cook)

2)      Parsley

3)      All green veggies (such as: spinach, broccoli, asparagus, kale, collards)- Organic if possible

4)      Yams and squash (all varieties)

5)      Grapes (organic if possible)

6)      Salmon

7)      Wheatgrass

8 )     Sprouts (all types)

9)      Grains (such as: quinoa, millet, spelt, brown rice)

10)   Sunflower seeds

11)   Water – even though it's not a food I had to add it as a bonus. Dehydration can make you tired, so when your feeling tired try reaching for a tall glass of filter water first.

Once you start incorporating some or all of these foods into your daily diet you should notice a difference in your energy levels. However, you also need to understand that simply adding these foods to an existing poor diet or alongside unhealthy food choices like sugary foods, drinks and other processed and/or refined “junk” foods will not give you the energy and metabolism boosting benefits you are hoping for. Nutrient depleted foods will zap your energy, lower your metabolism and stress your adrenals.

So opt for some of the foods listed above instead of “junk” food and your energy levels will soar. Here are some examples of a daily meal plan using the foods I listed above:

Breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal (add some berries and cinnamon or even some good quality protein powder for a complete high energy, super food breakfast) Instead of boxed, sugary cereal.

Snack: A hand full of sunflower seeds mixed with other nuts and seeds Instead of a bagel, muffin, donut, cookies etc.

Lunch: Quinoa with green veggies or try my quinoa tabouli recipe instead of pasta, white bread with cold cuts, or take out.

Mid Afternoon Snack:   Grapes Instead of crackers, sweets, chips, pop, etc.

Dinner: Salmon with steamed veggies or yams and a side salad containing sprouts Instead of ordered pizza, fast food, premade frozen dinners, or a heavy meal of steak and potatoes.

These are only examples and of course you are allowed some “cheat” foods in moderation every now and then. Just don’t make those foods staple meals or snacks but as a small treat in addition to all the good stuff!

2 thoughts on “Tired all the time? Here are my top 10 energy boosting foods!

  1. Hi Rosemary, we went to IHN together and I am thrilled to have come across the Garden Basket website!! Your articles are amazing; super informative and very helpful. I am so glad that you are using your special talents to help others.

  2. Hi Marni, great to hear from you. Thank you for the lovely comment.

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