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My Weekly Shopping Cart

POSTED BY Rosemary ON Dec 16th, 2011

By: Rosemary Seguin CNP, NNCP



This week, I decided to shop late in the evening, after dinner, and after I put the kids to bed. All you Mom’s out there know what a treat this can be to have some quiet “alone” time without chasing after little one’s wanting to explore every corner of the grocery store. 

I arrived at The Garden Basket around 7:45pm, and I have to say, I haven’t gone that late in a long time. I realized I should come at this time more often! I found it to be a little more quiet than during the day, and it was a nice time for me to get out of the house. Being home all day with the kids, it's nice to clear my head and relax while I shop. Yes I said relax. Grocery shopping can be relaxing, if you go at non-peak times!!    

Which brings me to this week’s shopping tip:  Go during slow times. This is my favorite time to shop! With or without kids, shopping during day time “working” hours or after dinner is a good time to go. Try to avoid right after 5 p.m., on paydays and near major holidays like Christmas Eve. You'll be more relaxed and enjoy your shopping experience that much more. Happy Shopping!


Here is a picture of some of the grocery items I bought this week:



My shopping cart this week:








Frozen Foods

Earthbound Farms-

Organic carrots

Organic  Avocados

Bob’s Red Mill – Organic Spelt Flour

100% Beef – Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Cap- Off Rib Steak

Organic Eggs

Silver Hills – Sprouted Grain Bread

Organic Cauliflower


Probios- Couscous Farro (organic spelt coucous)

100% Beef – Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Grilling Medallions

Sunflower Kitchen – Classic Hummus

Good Karma – Rice Divine Mud Pie Ice Cream

(Non- Dairy)

Organic Red Onions (3lb bag)

Organic Blueberries

Earth’s Best – Apple Blueberry  baby food


Yorkshire – Certified Organic Boneless Chicken Breasts

Happy Planet – Organic Mango Peach Party Juice


Organic Zucchini

Organic Red Delicious Apples (3lb bag)

Ryvita Crispbread – Sesame Rye

Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon



Organic Celery

Organic Seedless Tangerines

San Pellegrino Mineral Water




Organic Spinach


R.W. Knudsen – Organic Acai Juice 





Earthbound Farms – Organic Baby Arugula


Neal Brothers –

Organic Tortillas Blue Corn & Flax




Organic Green Cabbage


Dr. Bronner’s – Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil




Organic Yams

(3lb bag)


Pacific Foods – Organic Almond Milk




Organic Broccoli


Ghirardilli Unsweetened Cocoa Powder




Organic Beets


Novomel – Cipo-Uva Blossom, unpasteurized honey




Organic Parsley


Native – Organic Crystal Sugar




Organic Spinach






Organic Lemons






Organic Brown Mushrooms









Nothing beats fresh, organic fruits and veggies for taste and nutritional content. I have to thank my passionate produce expert brother Jospeh, for he gives the Garden Basket the best selection of organic produce anywhere!



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