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10 creative ways to add Avocados to your diet

POSTED BY Rosemary ON Apr 13th, 2012

Written By: Rosemary Seguin CNP, NNCP



As a follow up to my last blog postThe health benefits of avocados. Why you should eat them Daily!”  Here are 10 creative and delicious ways you can include avocados in your diet and get your kids to love them too!

1)      Use avocado as a spread. Anywhere you would normally use mayo or cream cheese, replace it with avocado. It’s an amazing burger topping, tastes great in sandwiches, on bagels and crackers. Avocado’s are also loaded with nutrients and good fats that are not found in mayo or cream cheese.  

2)      Make Guacamole and enjoy with your favourite cracker (Mary’s Gone Crackers and Suzie’s are my two favourites) or serve with some organic tortilla chips like Neal Brothers organic blue corn.

3)      Make a smoothie. Add a 2-3 tbsp of avocado to your favourite smoothie for some added creaminess.   

4)      Add it to a salad. Add some avocado slices to your favourite greens salad. Add dressing as desired.

5)      Top an omelet. Add avocado to on top of an omelet for added flavor and texture. Dice up the avocado and add to your omelet after it is cooked.

6)      Add it to any fruit salad. My favourite combination: apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, avocado and sliced almonds. Drizzle with maple syrup, toss well and enjoy!

7)      Try my sweet and salty avocado mash! Mash up ½ and avocado, add 1 tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt and drizzle with maple syrup to taste. Mix all ingredients well, grab a spoon and enjoy. This is one of my favouite evening snacks. It’s satisfying, with a hint of salty and sweet and provides loads of nourishment.


           8 )      A delicious creamy topping for your fish or chicken. Mash up an avocado, add lime juice to taste, finely chopped or shredded granny smith apples (a food processor or grater works best for this), chopped cilantro or flat parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Add on top of cooked chicken or your favourite fish.

9)      Enjoy right out of the peel.    



10)   Chocolate avocado pudding! This is my favourite way to enjoy an avocado! This decadent treat is so creamy and delicious and a fantastic way to get your kids to eat it without knowing it’s even there. It’s truly a wonderful, healthy (vegan and gluten free) dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about! Stay tuned because I’m sharing this amazing recipe with you on my next blog post!   

The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding avocados in creative ways to your diet. If you love avocados or have a recipe to share add it to the comments below or share it on our Facebook wall. Your recipes and comments are always welcome. 

2 thoughts on “10 creative ways to add Avocados to your diet

  1. Hi Mary, Thanks for your comment. Ive added a link right on my blog post that takes you to my chocolate avocado pudding recipe. Let me know how you and your kids enjoy it! ~ Rosemary

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