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Food 101 | How to Guide

How to avoid kitchen bacteria – Don’t rinse raw chicken under water. Rinsing raw chicken under water not only doesn’t kill any bacteria, it actually spreads it in your sink and anywhere the water touches. Cooking your chicken • pieces 74°C (165°F) • whole 85°C (185°F) to these internal temperatures is the only way effectively prevent foodborne illness.



How to be food safe





How to use a food thermometer




How to keep your vegetable greens fresher – Placing a folded paper towel in containers of pre-packaged salads will help the product to last longer in your refrigerator. One of the worst enemies of leafy greens is moisture, once the salad greens get wet they go slimy and spread it to other leaves in the package. Putting a paper towel in the container will effectively draw the moisture away from the greens keep them dryer and lasting longer. To prevent more condensation from occurring try not to keep the greens outside of the fridge for too long where the product would heat up. Take what you need and put the rest back in the fridge. 



How to spice up you steak – Try finishing your steak with some fume du sel. This Oak chardonnay smoked salt in French barrels will add amazing flavour to you next steak. All you need is a pinch of this amazing salt and we guarantee you will be using it at your next dinner party and telling your friends about it. It’s available in our deli department above our gourmet cheese bunker. Salt works great on all meats as well as steamed vegetables and eggs.